Race Day Logistics

Team Check-in (2 options):

1. Friday, May 15, Evening (time and location being finalized)
2. Saturday, May 16: minimum 30 minutes prior to your start time at the start line.


Team Vehicles:

1. Each team is permitted one vehicle on the course.
2. Team Vehicles may not exceed the length and width of a 15 passenger van.
3. Team Vehicles may only stop in the parking area of the designated Exchange Zones.
4. Team Vehicles will carry provisions (water, fluids, food, first aid kit, ice) for their team.
5. Support for runners can ONLY be provided at the designated exchange zones.
6. If runners need fluids/fuel during a specific leg, he/she MUST carry it.
7. Please reference Rules for additional information.


Start Times:

1. Teams will start in waves every 20 – 30 minutes.
2. Start times will be based on team’s 10K seed (team’s 10k average for an average 10k).
3. Start times will have a range 6:00am – 11:00am.
4. Start time requests will not be accepted.


Course Support:

1. Support (water/Gatorade) for Solo, Team of 2, Team of 4 will be provided at non-exchange support stations.
2. Support (water/Gatorade/Hammer Gel/bananas/peanut butter & jelly/pretzels/M&Ms) will be provided for Solo at the exchange zones for Teams of 2 and 4.
3. Teams of 2, 4 and 5 must transport team provisions in team vehicle (please reference Team Vehicles #4 above).