All teams are to be diligent to ensure the integrity of the race by complying with the rules.  In addition, teams are encouraged to watch for rule infractions by other teams.  Self-policing of this event is the key to its success.  Race officials will be located at exchange zones, recording teams that pass and if needed, recording infractions.

Violations Notification
Any team member (of a team in violation) may be informed, by a Relay Official, of a rules violation on the course.  The informed team member will be asked to sign a Rules Violation Form, stating that their team has been notified at that time and will be asked to share the violation with the team captain.  All violations and penalties will be finalized at the finish line.  Team Captains must report to the Official’s Tent within 30 minutes of their team’s finish to be informed of any rules violations.

Application of Rules and Penalties
All team members, drivers, support staff, relay volunteers affiliated with a team, spectators, etc… must comply with the Rules.  A violation of any rule by a person affiliated with a team will result in the respective penalty of the team.

Team Captains must report to the Official’s Tent within 30 minutes of their team’s finish to be informed of any rules violations.  Teams wishing to file protests must do so in writing within 30 minutes of their finish.  To file a protest, submit the written allegation at the Official’s Tent.  Be specific and detailed.  The Protest Committee will evaluate all incidents and their decision will be final.

Violations of the following rules will result in your team being immediately disqualified and unrecognized at the Finish.  In addition, the team risks prohibition from future North Georgia 50 (NoGA50) events and possible prosecution by local law enforcement and Georgia Highway Patrol.

1. Traffic Laws: Roads will remain open to normal traffic during the NoGA50.  As such, NoGA50 participants, support staff and vehicles, spectators, event staff, and everyone affiliated with theNoGA50 must obey traffic laws at all times.  For the safety of everyone involved, respect all users of the roads.  Violators of traffic laws will be reported to local law enforcement.

2. Public Nuisance Rule: Use trash containers and restroom facilities.  Littering, urinating, or defecating by some means other than in appropriate facilities will not be tolerated. There are ample restrooms and/or portable toilets at exchange zones. Please plan accordingly. Problems with protection of the environment and private property along the course will jeopardize the future of this event.  Restroom facilities/port-a-johns are available every every EZ.

3. Alcohol Consumption: The NoGA50 prohibits the consumption and presence of alcoholic beverages during the NoGA50 by everyone involved with the NoGA50 including runners, support staff, volunteers, and spectators.  A violation will result in immediate team disqualification, prohibition of all team members from future NoGA50 events, and notification of the violation to the proper authorities.  The Finish Line is part of the NoGA50 and therefore the presence and consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

6. Reflective Vests: Runners on the course before 7:00am must wear a reflective vest.  Leg 7 Runners must wear a reflective vest.  In addition, at the discretion of the exchange zone official, reflective vests may be required during inclement weather, such as rain and fog.

7.  Van Decorations: Vans, if decorated, must be decorated in a tasteful manner.  Vans will be screened at the start and teams will be asked to remove all profane, obscene and suggestive decorations and text.  Unwillingness to comply will result in immediate disqualification.

60 minute Penalties
A 60 minute penalty will be applied for the first reported violation.  Team disqualification will be applied for the second violation on the team.

1. On Course Vehicles: Each team is limited to one vehicle, preferably vans, minivans, or SUVs (not to exceed 6’9″ wide by 20ft in length). NO MOTOR HOMES, LIMOUSINES, BUSES, OR TRAILERS.  This applies to all exchange zones.  If you have doubts about the legality of your vehicle, you must have it checked at the start by a Race Director.  If a violation occurs, the vehicle must depart from the racecourse/exchange zone immediately.  It is a violation for a 15 passenger van to transport a rear cargo carrier.

2. Support Vehicles Signs: One official vehicle sign will be issued to each team vehicle and must be displayed on the dashboard.  Race related vehicles without signs will NOT be permitted to enter Exchange Zone parking areas.

3. Runner Rotation: All teams are to run their members in rotating legs and in the same sequence of rotation throughout the race.  You may not shuffle the order or rotation after each runner has completed his/her first leg. No alternates may be used once your team has started.   If a violation occurs, the team must return to its original sequence.

4. Exchange Zones:  These will be clearly marked with an orange construction cone and Relay Officials will be wearing light blue and fluorescent yellow reflective safety vests. EXCHANGE ZONE signs will be posted ¼ mile before the Exchange Zone. 5-runner teams must exchange at every exchange zone.  A team’s first offense will result in a 60 minute penalty. A second offense will result in team disqualification. Please also reference “Runner Drop Outs”, Rule #6 under 60 Minute Penalties.

5. Runner Drop Outs: No runner may drop out of the race solely for the purpose of substituting a faster runner in their place. If a runner is drops out due to injury, they may not be reinstated into the team lineup. The team must finish with the remaining runners rotating in their current order. The order may not be shuffled. Relay Officials will be monitoring the team rotation. An injury report must be completed with the Relay Official at the next exchange zone.

If a runner drops out due to injury during a leg (that is, if it becomes impossible to walk to the next exchange point), only the next runner in rotation can take the Wrist Strap and continue, but only to the next exchange point. The next runner in rotation can only finish the unfinished portion of the previous leg and go no further. A handoff must occur at the next exchange point to the next runner (second runner ahead of the injured one) in rotation. No more than one substitution in one leg is allowed.

6. Navigation: Runners must know the cue sheet and map for their leg. If a wrong turn is made, the runner must return to the course on foot to the point on the course where the error occurred and resume the race.  18 inch x 24 inch directional signs are posted at all turns.

7. Run on the Left: Runners are to run along the left shoulder of the roadway at all times unless officially instructed otherwise, by a Relay Official or listed on the course map.

8. Race Officials: Relay staff and volunteers at Exchange Zones are considered Race Officials.  Obey their instructions – you will be penalized for not obeying.  There will be Parking Officials assigned to direct parking at each exchange zone. If you see an Official, you are to obey their parking instructions.

9. Shadowing: Vehicles cannot trail, follow, or shadow runners. Team vehicles may not stop along the course to provide support (food/drink).  Runners are encouraged to carry water/fluids/fuel for the longer legs if necessary (refer to Rule 4, Public Nuisance Rule for disposal of empty containers, wrappers, etc…).

10. iPods, Music & Phones: For safety reasons, runners are permitted to carry phones.  Runners are NOT permitted to have anything in or on their ears.  The device must NOT impair the runner’s ability to hear and respond to his/her surroundings (i.e. officials, vehicles, other runners, etc…).

11. Pets: Pets are not allowed on the racecourse or at the exchange zones at any time.

12. Bicycles:  Bicycles are not permitted.

13. Inactive Runners in the Roadway: Inactive runners must remain off the road, remain on the same roadside as the parking, remain clear of the exchange zone and keep roads clear to avoid normal traffic, to avoid team vans and not interfere with active runners.

30 Minute Penalties
A 30 minute penalty will be applied for the first reported violation.  An additional, 60 minute penalty will be applied for the second reported violation.  Team disqualification will be applied for the third team violation.

1. Race Numbers:  Race numbers must be worn on the front at all times.

2. Wrist Straps: Must be carried by the active runner at all times throughout the race.  Wrist straps will be collected by at the finish line by a Relay Official.

3. Runner Check-in: At each exchange zone the outgoing and incoming runners must check-in with the race official at the exchange zone. As the incoming runner approaches, the outgoing runner vocalizes his/her bib #, the exchange is made and followed by the incoming runner vocalizing his/her bib number.  Runners are required to wear their bibs, but vocalizing numbers will ease the congestion and confusion at the exchange zones.

False time estimates
If your team’s position on the course is significantly ahead such that your team is out running our support infrastructure because you misrepresented or overestimated your 10K pace (i.e. projected a slower pace than you are actually capable of running), then we may, at our discretion hold your team at any designated Exchange Area until such time that our support network is in place.  In addition, we will assess your team a minimum time penalty of 3 hours. In other words – please don’t sandbag.

If your team’s position on the course is significantly behind such that your team is falling behind our support infrastructure because you severely misrepresented or underestimated your 10K pace, your team requested a later start time due to travel logistics, and/or one or more of your team members become injured during the event, then we may at our discretion, ask your team to jump ahead to a Exchange Area of our designation.  Your team’s finishing time will be prorated based on your on-course performance to that point in time.  An additional time penalty may also be assessed.

The race course and finish line will close Saturday evening at 5:00 PM. Teams on the course who fall behind this closure time schedule will be asked to leave off their team members at the start of the last legs simultaneously.